The story behind the science.

In the beginning…

So begins the biblical explanation that God created the heavens and the earth. That assertion has been scorned and ridiculed by many, but has it been successfully refuted?

The EXIST Conference provides skeptics an opportunity to test whether science and faith are truly in conflict or whether they are in fact in harmony with one another. The scientists and scholars from Reasons to Believe frequently speak and debate on college campuses, welcoming the questions of students, skeptics and professors.

Today scientists around the world are surprising people with mounting evidence to support the faith that is so often ridiculed in colleges, bars and boardrooms. Contrary to the popularly held notion that science has dethroned God, the ongoing discoveries validate the biblical truths that have been cherished since before Newton. It turns out that the Bible was doing science before science was cool.

  • Science

  • Faith

  • Reason

You Decide

In the final analysis, you get to decide what to believe. Your decision won’t change reality, but you get to examine the evidence and draw your own conclusions.

We hope you’ll avail yourself of this rare opportunity to hear from men far smarter than most of us and to see for yourself where science points.

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Publish or Perish

For university professors who wish to get tunure, publishing is a must because it demonstrates that you are confident enough to put your ideas before your peers. Our speakers have authored numerous books, not for fear that they would perish, but so that others might read of God’s goodness, begin a relationship with Him and not perish.